by Elizabeth Dodson Gray

In addition to her recent memoir Elizabeth Dodson Gray has published three books and edited a fourth. (She also co-authored two books.)

2012: Walking My Yellow Brick Road – A Memoir
1994: Sunday School Manifesto: In the Image of Her? contrasts the woman-affirming accounts of Jesus in the gospels with subsequent centuries of woman-denigrating Christian theology and practice. Elizabeth Dodson Gray notes that Christian theology and churches have never repented of this history of denigrating women.

1988: Sacred Dimensions of Women’s Experience, editor. This book was based upon the 1985 Fall TOP series. It is by 31 women, writing autobiographically, and is about the religious dimensions of those portions of the total human experience which males never experience—and therefore have never named as sacred (for example, women bringing life in childbirth).

1982: Patriarchy as a Conceptual Trap. In the early 1970s, Gray “worked out for herself a feminist critique of our male-dominated culture.”  This book condemns what since the Middle Ages Christian theology has called the Great Chain of Being—the cosmic hierarchy which she finds rooted in the patriarchal “ranking of diversity” which begins with men ranking men above women. Ranking diversity is the conceptual trap.

1973: Green Paradise Lost asked why did we ever think we could get away with treating nature so badly. It is now viewed as one of two classic eco-feminist texts.

By David Dodson Gray
I Want to Remember
is a Son’s Reflections on his Mother’s Alzheimer Journey