Theological Opportunities Program

Elizabeth Dodson Gray served as the executive director of the Theological Opportunity Program (TOP), now the WomenExplore Lecture and Discussion Forum, for thirty-two years, from Fall 1978 to the end of Spring 2010, and she has attended TOP/WomenExplore since its beginning in 1973.  She was instrumental in forming TOP/WomenExplore into what it is today—a strongly feminist organization which uses the feminist process of sharing our lives and issues, and looking there for concerns from which to design future TOP conference series. This unique method of designing the series is an important part of what makes TOP/WomenExplore so special.  Elizabeth Dodson Gray presided over the introduction of the “focus talks” in which a regular attender gives a brief talk grounding the topic of the day with her personal experience or reflections.  She also oversaw the beginning of the search for a new name to better describe what the organization had become.  That new name, “WomenExplore Lecture and Discussion Forum,” became official at the end of 2011 and was first used for the Spring 2012 series.

Elizabeth Dodson Gray remains an active member of WomenExplore Lecture and Discussion Forum.

Theological Opportunities Program, Cambridge, MA from Kim Romano on Vimeo.

WELaDF_640x176.gifwebsite is at for more information about its history, current activities and organization.